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20th Century Rome - Transfer Included

Art Noveau, Villa Torlonia and the Coppedè Quarter

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Off the beaten path
Italian style

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Duration: 0.5 Hours (approx.)

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After a short taxi ride from the city center, you will arrive at Villa Torlonia accompanied by an expert and entertaining guide that will lead you through this stunning neoclassical complex.

Small lakes, exotic plants, columns, obelisks, a tournament area, a medieval village and the Casina delle Civette which plays host to a stained glass museum are part of this wide itinerary. 

During the twenty years of fascism, Villa Torlonia was the private residence of Benito Mussolini and his family and it was used for both political meetings and as a place where it was possible to practice sports such as tennis and riding thanks to the inclusion of a beautiful jumping area. It also hosts an air-raid bunker located in the basement of the villa which was built to protect guests from raids. Villa Torlonia was turned into a public park at the end of the 1970s.

Inside the park, you will visit the so-called Casina delle Civette (the Little House of the Owls)- the residence of Prince Giovanni Torlonia until his death in the 1930s.Today this 'little' house is a museum with 20 rooms full of paintings, mosaics, colorful stained glass windows and porticos decorated with maiolica.

Next, you will visit the Casino Nobile, renovated by the architect Giuseppe Valadier, decorated with stunning paintings and stuccoes, which houses an impressive collection of sculptures.

End your with a stroll through the remarkable Coppedè quarter, an Art Nouveau gem in the heart of Rome designed by the architect Gino Coppedè. See the symbol of this neighborhood, the lovely Fountain of the Frogs in the famous Piazza Mincio.

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  • Approximately 0.5 hours
  • Layer 1 Kid-friendly tour
  • Not Wheelchair Accessible
  • Private Tour Only
  • Suggested starting time
    9:30AM - 2:00PM
  • Not available on Monday.
  • Included 
    Blue Badge Qualified Guide | Admission Tickets Meet&Greet your Guide at your Hotel/Accommodation Transfer to the site via Taxi Private Tour
  • Not Included 
    Private Driver (can be arranged upon request)
Standard itinerary
Villa Torlonia
Casino Nobile
Casina delle Civette
Quartiere Coppedè
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    It was the fifth time with my husband in Rome, and we wanted to do something different this time. We took a tour of Rome in the XX century, and it was worth every single penny! The Coppedè quarter and the house of the Owl were my favorite part, the architecture is breathtaking! I believe the guide is also essential to enjoy a tour, so thank you Gianluca!



  • Avatar

    Hi Eyes! I am very interested in the XX century European history. Do you do tours related to the second world war and Mussolini? I am interested in history, art, architecture, and sociology of that period of time! Looking forward to hearing. Thank you!



  • Avatar
    Customer Support Team

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for your enquiry, yes of course we do tours related to the rational style in the fascist period of time. Those below are the main tours we offer related to your interests.

    The EUR Quarter

    XX Century Rome

    You can also customise all of our tours by adding a extra hour where you can tell your private guide what you would like to visit. For example in this case, we suggest that you visit the Ardeatina caves (where nazi soldiers shot partisans and other prisoners)and the prison of Via tasso (where they tortured  their captives).

    Please send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com for further information and we look forward to hear from you soon!

    Eyes of Rome Team



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