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Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

Written by Eyes of Rome

Eden Reforestation Projects: A holistic approach to reforestation and ecological restoration.


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Eden Reforestation Projects is a nonprofit organization that plants millions of trees every year on behalf of donors, businesses, and foundations from around the world.

Their mission is to recreate healthy forest systems that restore hope, alleviate suffering, empower people, and build local economies in impoverished communities.

Their objective is, by the year 2020, to plant a minimum of 100 million trees each year and to offer hope through employment to tens of thousands of people in countries where poverty is rampant.

Eden reforestation projects is recognized as one of the most cost-effective and efficient reforestation projects on the planet. Their primary goal, to lift people out of extreme poverty, has become a model for environmental restoration and land management.

Eyes of Rome is proud to partner with Eden Projects and shares their vision of a better future for those in extreme poverty through environmental restoration.

Eyes of Rome thanks Eden Projects for their important and necessary work they are doing around the world.

Bravi Eden Reforestation Projects!


Learn more on their website, edenprojects.org











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