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Collaboration with Les Clefs D'Or

Collaboration with Les Clefs D'Or

Written by Eyes of Rome

Why collaborate with Clefs d'Or International Concierge Association?

Les Clefs d'Or
 (The Golden Keys) in Rome and its representatives (your knowledgable hotel Concierge) are many of the Eternal City's visitors' first point of reference about what to do and see in Rome. Your Concierge Clefs d'Or, recognizable by the crossed keys on his jacket lapel, is an ambassador of style, art, culture, design and gastronomy- and that's exactly why they recommend Eyes of Rome to their guests, time and time again. 

In service through friendship.

Les Clefs D'Or

The Eyes of Rome motto, "Come as a Tourist, Leave as a Friend," mirrors closely Les Clefs d'Or motto, "In Service Through Friendship" and Eyes of Rome is honored to have found a place in the Clefs d'Or recommendations in Rome. Our itineraries and logo can be found on their Art & Culture page by clicking on 'Download Itinerary'.

Italy, along with France and Switzerland, was a founding member of Les clefs d’Or in 1956, which today has become a worldwide organization synonymous with luxury and class. Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Milan, Palermo and Sardinia are all part of the larger Clefs d'Or family, UIPA - Unione Italiana Portieri d’Albergo - which are the Italian representative members of UICH - Union Internationale Des Concierges d’Hotel (International Union of Hotel Concierge.)

Eyes of Rome and Les Clefs d'Or are excited to welcome you to the Eternal City!





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