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Borghese Gallery

Echoes of Opulence

Category: Must Do
Italian style

Price from: $260

Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

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The Gallery was put together by the Borghese Family, one of the wealthiest and most important families of Rome whose line includes several cardinals and Popes.

The original works of art there date back to the collection of Cardinal Scipione Borghese which consists primarily of Renaissance and Baroque art. The Borghese Gallery is a real gem in the heart of Rome, a museum that houses a vast collection of paintings, sculptures and frescoes by masters such as Canova, Caravaggio and Bernini.

Meet your personal storyteller at your hotel/accommodation and travel together to the Borghese Gallery.
Start this journey by discovering incredible masterpieces by the greatest Italian artists and learn all about the Borghese Family, which played a major role in Roman history. You will see Canova's famous sculpture of Paolina Borghese Bonaparte as Venus Victrix, which caused a stir when it became known that the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte posed nude for this work of art. Among the masterpieces in the gallery are the celebrated statues Apollo and Daphne and the Pluto’s Abduction of Proserpina by Bernini, Raphael's Entombment of Christ, Caravaggio's Sick Bacchus, and Titian's Sacred and Profane Love (also known as Venus and the Bride). 

The heavenly Borghese Park is located north of the Spanish Steps, where you will see a breathtaking view of the city from the top of the hill. It is a popular location for Roman weddings and overlooks Piazza del Popolo. The area was once a vineyard until Cardinal Scipione Borghese converted it into a park. Continue this tour discovering the Borghese Gardens, a stunning natural setting that houses beautiful fountains, monuments, gardens and flora.

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  • Approximately 3 hours
  • Layer 1 Kid-friendly tour
  • Partial access for wheelchairs
  • Private Tour Only
  • Suggested starting time
    8:30AM or 02:30pm
  • Not available on Mondays.
  • Included 
    Exclusive Early Entrance (before the general public) Blue Badge Qualified Guide Admission Tickets Meet & Greet your Guide at your Hotel/Accommodation Private Tour Guaranteed to skip the long lines
  • Not Included 
    Transfer to the site via Taxi (our guide can arrange this) Private Driver (can be arranged upon request)
Standard itinerary
Piazzale di Villa Borghese
Borghese Gallery
Borghese Park
Enhance your Experience

Famous Piazzas & Fountains


Don't miss Bernini’s Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini or Rome’s twin church domes in Piazza del Popolo. You can opt to go up the Pincio hill for one of the best views in the city. Or maybe you want to see the famed Piazza Navona? You will get plenty of ideas of where to eat and shop as you walk through these famous neighborhoods with your expert guide. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Gianicolo Hill


Get a one-of-a-kind view of Rome from the scenic park of Gianicolo hill. Stroll among statues, fountains like the famous Fontanone and even a lighthouse while overlooking the Eternal City. This hill is known for being one of the best spots in Rome for photos as well as on of the most romantic places in Rome! An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Extra Hour


Give yourself the freedom to take it easy- add an extra hour to your tour. With a private guide, you set the pace! If you prefer to spend some extra time to learn more, see more, take more photos, or if you have a large group, adding an extra hour ensures a leisurely tour without rushing to fit everything you want to see into the normal 3 hours.


Create your own Tour - Make it a Full Day


Book your tour and create your personal walking experience by making it a full day, adding 3 extra hours! You can tell us in advance your favorite sites to visit or your personal guide will make suggestions based on your interests and energy level - you set the pace and see what you want to see. Please make a note on your booking if you have specific requests so we can ensure that reservations are made when needed. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Handicraft Workshop - Be an Artist for a Day

US$320** Please note: Price is up to 4 people. For bigger groups please send us an email.

In the picturesque atmosphere of Via dei Coronari, street of the antiques, you will take part in the workshop of an Italian artist. This activity is fun for the whole family!. You will learn how to make a fresco or a mosaic. Choose a subject, prepare the surface with the plaster, the drawing, and you will use your brush to give life to the images; or make your own mosaic with a natural glue (water and flour) and fasten the marble or the glass pieces (tesserae) on a wooden support, creating your small masterpiece. Take home your creation to make your Roman holidays even more memorable!


3 Hour Golf Cart Sightseeing Tour

US$370** Please note: Price is for transport up to 4 people. For bigger groups please send us an email.

Discover a new way to tour historical Rome. Make yourself comfortable while your private driver and guide accompany you during this 3 hour tour. Set off and admire the most significant sights of the Eternal City. Listen to your guide, who will be your story-teller during this tour to discover the major fountains and squares of Rome.



US$140** Please note: Entrance to the site is optional - Admission tickets will be charged separately.

No time to do a full Colosseum tour? Make it quick! Marvel at this epic engineering feat of the ancient Romans, one of the most amazing attractions of the Ancient World, and a highlight of any trip to Rome. Your guide will bring to life the stories of this iconic monument, its famed gladiators and the emperors who made it all happen. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Gelato Class

US$350** Please note: Price is up to 4 people. For bigger groups please send us an email.

Enjoy a short walk in the city center before heading to your gelato class. Reach a typical roman "gelateria", an artisanal workshop that has recently been renovated. Engage in a funny, entertaining activity and learn how italian people prepare the famous gelato. Make your own ice cream following the traditional Italian techniques and recipes and enjoy it! An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Ancient Secrets: Teatro Marcello and Area Sacra of Largo Argentina


Reveal the ancient secrets you won’t find at the Forum with this extension! Walk through the Teatro Marcello, conceived by Caesar and built by Augustus, which certainly served as the blue-print for the later and more famous Colosseum. Then visit the Jewish Ghetto and end in the Area Sacra of Largo Argentina where you will learn about Julius Caesar's dramatic final moments. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Baths of Caracalla

US$70** Please note: Admission tickets are not included and will be purchased on site.

One of the few places you can see ancient structure’s full height – you’ll be transported to the 3rd century as you walk among this vast bath complex. You'll see where slaves loaded ancient furnaces to heat the water for the different pools of this amazingly intact spa. You'll see mosaics that still decorate the pool floors, and even a game board used by bath visitors to pass the time while they soaked in the warm water. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Capuchin Bone Crypt

US$70** Please note: Admission tickets are not included and will be purchased on site.

The Capuchin Crypt is a small space comprising several tiny chapels located beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini on Via Veneto near Piazza Barberini. You'll be amazed by the strangely decorated Capuchin Chapel - which displays the bones of over 4,000 Capuchin monks! The Capuchin order insists that the display is not meant to be creepy, but instead, a silent reminder of the swift passage of life on Earth and our own mortality. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Castel St. Angelo

US$140** Please note: Admission tickets are not included and will be charged separately.

As you exit St. Peter’s Square, your guide will lead you along a quiet street that follows ‘Il Passetto’, the passageway connecting the Vatican to Castel Sant’ Angelo, the Pope’s fortress. You can opt to visit the castle for breathtaking views of the city or cross over Bernini’s famous bridge of angels for scenic views of the river. A beautiful addition to the Vatican Tour, Castel Sant' Angelo is a great bookend to your day.



US$140** Please note: Admission tickets are not included and will be purchased on site.

The quiet tunnels will come to life as your guide tells you the stories and legends of early Christianity during the days of Roman persecution. The catacombs were the underground burial places of the early Christian and Jewish communities. You will discover the secrets of Christianity's earliest proponents who helped Christianity survive during the persecution from Rome's pagan emperors. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.

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