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Castel Gandolfo Golf Cart Tour

A Piece of the Vatican Outside of Rome

Category: Just Outside Rome
Off the beaten path

Price from: $429

Duration: 5.5 Hours (approx.)

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Start your journey with pickup from your hotel or preferred accommodation within Rome's City Center. 
Relax as your hospitable and private driver takes you to the Papal Villas in Castel Gandolfo. Enjoy beautiful views of the castle as it displays a mixture of Medieval and Baroque architecture. Board your personal golf cart as your guide takes you around the vast gardens of Barberini Gardens by revealing its fascinating history.

You’ll be lead up to the top of the Alban Hills where you can admire the stunning panoramic views from one of the highest vantage points overlooking the outskirts of Rome. Discover Papal Farm which embraces the traditional lifestyle of Rome. You’ll be introduced to many of the Pope’s animals such as the cows, chickens, sheep and many others. Once back at the Castle, you’ll continue your tour through the Papal summer residence that has since been turned into a museum by Pope Francis. The highlight of this spectacular tour is the Apostolic Palace with its Music Room which is usually closed to the public. 

End your adventure by eating an Italian or Roman lunch while overlooking Lake Albano. After eating your delicious meal, enjoy a relaxing ride back to hotel or preferred accommodation (Rome's City Center) with your professional driver.

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  • Approximately 5.5 hours
  • Layer 1 Kid-friendly tour
  • Not recommended for wheelchairs
  • Private Tour Only
  • Suggested starting time
  • Not available on Sundays and Wednesdays
    Standard itinerary
    Castel Gandolfo
    Apostolic Palace
    Barberini Gardens
    Pope's Farm
    Music Room
    Lunch with Panoramic View
    Bulletin Board



    • Avatar
      Timothy H

      Hello, I was looking at your suggested itineraries for two full days in Rome. They look very interesting! regarding the full day in Hadrian’s villa and villa d’Este, will we be provided with lunch or lunch is on our own? In case there isn’t, can we bring sandwiches or it is better not to?

      thank you!



    • Avatar
      Tour Design Team

      Dear Timothy,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      For the full day tour in Tivoli including Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana please consider a total of 6 hours. As this is a private tour, your guide will adjust the pace and content according to your very own personal preferences. It is totally up to you whether you'd like to include an additional hour for a lunch stop in one of the many restaurants in the area, such as the famous Sibilla restaurant, or if you'd rather bring your own lunch. 

      We do instead include lunch at a restaurant with a view for the Castel Gandolfo tour. You can also join our community to follow discussions and suggestions. 

      Here's the link to Castel Gandolfo community page.

      When booking the tour, just specify your preferences to our booking managers and they will be happy to assist you and give you all possible options.

      I hope I was able to answer your question and please feel free to contact us if you need any further clarification.






    • Avatar

      Hi eyes! My husband and I were thinking of booking our hotel in Castel Gandolfo, where it is beautiful and quiet. So we’d like to have a guided tour of the area, but that day we would love to have a walking tour of Rome city center as well. What if, we get picked up at our hotel, we go to rome for a walking tour and lunch and after, we go together to castle gandolfo for a 5 hour tour? In that way we would be already there for dinner without going back on our own.

      Waiting for your answer, thank you.



    • Avatar
      Monique Surrey

      What a beautiful place Castel Gandolfo is! Thank you eyes of rome for suggesting this place, I had a great summer with my family! Big hug from Louisiana!



    • Avatar
      Customer Support Team

      Hi Gertrude,

      Thank you for reaching out to Eyes of Rome and for raising your enquiry here. The accommodations at Castel Gandolfo are nice and quiet and we understand why you want to stay outside the city centre :) 

      For your request, there is no problem, everything is possible with EoR. We only need to discuss timing and prices.

      If you'd like to do a tour of the area outside Rome called Castelli Romani, the tour isa full day tour and includes Castel Gandolfo and Ariccia and you can add . You can customise this tour and add the Apostolic Palace and Tivoli as well. The other option is a half day tour of Castel Gandolfo (including the Apostolic Palace). In both of the cases we will definitively pick you up at your accommodation and we will start from there.

      We suggest you anyway, to do the Rome walking tour another day, and let the day to run smoothly with a outside Rome tour.

      If you drop us an email at info@eyesofrome.com we can be more specific and design together a tour according to your request. 

      We hope we have been helpful. Ciao!

      Eyes of Rome Support Team



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    Info about your Castel Gandolfo Eyes of Rome Tour:

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