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Travelling in Italy

Travelling in Italy

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Whether you come from afar or a neighboring country, you can move pretty easily throughout the whole italian territory, thanks to airports, railways, highways, and harbors connecting the main destinations of our country. Below you can find an insight of the italian transportation system, that may help you plan your travels in the Belpaese:



Counting more than 30 international, and 3 intercontinental airports, Italy is easy to reach from all over the planet.

The italian structures see more than 180 millions passengers pass through every year; due to the increasing demand of flights, many of the major airports in the country keep getting expanded with extra flights added upon each time. The International and Intercontinental airport of Roma Fiumicino (FCO), named after the genius Leonardo Da Vinci, has won the “Airport Service Quality Award” for four years in a row (2017-2021) as well as being awarded with the Platinum level of "Welcome Chinese Airport" in 2018, proof of how much Italy has been investing in air connections.

Fiumicino is also the HUB airport of Alitalia, the national airline that connects the whole country.
Besides Fiumicino, the other 2 intercontinental airports are located in Milano (Milano Malpensa) and in Venezia (Venezia Marco Polo), covering the northernmost part of the country: you will easily reach most of Italy thanks to these connections.


Being one of the top rated in the World in terms of safety and reliability, the Italian railway system connects the biggest cities along with small villages, giving you the opportunity to travel the whole country while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

From the vineyards, softly dressing the hills in Tuscany, to the wide grain fields of southern Italy, with their flashy-yellow gamma, everything is a feast for the eyes, giving you the chance to appreciate such natural beauties while discovering the country.

Want to enjoy these beauties fast? No problem, because Italy's high speed railways connect the most important cities, in a very short time: you can travel from Naples to Turin in just 5 hours, stopping by Rome, Florence, Bologna and Milan.
A smart way to travel and enjoy the trip at the same time.



Keen for a road trip? That's another way to travel while enjoying the wonderful italian scenarios at the same time.

More than 6.500 kilometers of highways wind from north to south, connecting the "heel" of the country to its top, and giving you the opportunity to move with ease and for a cheap price. Besides the highways, there are roads in Italy that are considered among the most beautiful to travel, which provide astonishing landscapes and entertaining driving challenges, pleasing the need for leisure and adrenaline at the same time.

Mandatory to mention roads like the Amalfi Coast drive, with its narrow turns overlooking the azure sea, or the Stelvio Pass, the highest paved road in the Eastern Alps with an elevation of 2,757m above sea level, that attracts motor enthusiast from all over the world, at disposition of whoever wants to prove his driving skills while totally immersed in beauty.



Being a peninsula in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea grants Italy plenty of naval routes with the rest of the mediterranean countries; the slavic coastline, Greece, Spain, France, and the whole North African shoreline as well are connected by the many harbors on the italian seaboard.

Thousands of cruise ships dock every year in the best Italian harbors, which move millions of tourists throughout the year; the most important one is Civitavecchia (80km away from Rome), with 2,4 millions tourists every year, followed by Venice (1,4 mil) and then Genova and Napoli (1 mil both). Venice is also considered the most favorite port to start a cruise, because of its astonishing view on the floating city.

Navigating the Mediterranean Sea gives you the opportunity to witness some of the finest views in Italy, beside reaching islands without spending a lot of money on flights: the astonishingly clear waters of Sicily and Sardinia are waiting for you!


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