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Trastevere Undergrounds

Across the Tiber river and underneath the Roman alleys


  • Archeology
  • History

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Sites you’ll visit

  • San Crisogono
  • Trastevere
  • It was one of the tituli, the first parish churches of Rome, and was probably built in the 4th century under Pope Silvester I (314–335). Following construction phases happened in the 12th century and again in the early 17th century, with the promotion of Cardinal Scipione Borghese. The area beneath the sacristy was investigated in 1907, when they found remains of an earlier church. Excavations have reveiled the presence of round basins, meaning there was a fullonica, a laundry and dye-house from the Imperial age.
  • A quant area of Rome that has seen vast changes over the centuries. This area was home to the original Jewish Synagogue of Rome and also the oldest church of the Eternal City. During 753–509 BC it was home to "Hostile Etruscans" and once overtaken, the area was largely used by local fishermen as they took advantage of the close by Tiber river. This part of Rome was even chosen by Julius Caesar as the location for his luxury Garden Villa!

Tour description

Rome is a city full of secrets. Hidden below the trampled cobblestone streets, it lives a mysterious underworld dating back as far as the 6th century BC - Many people have the famous Catacombs come to mind but this Off the Beaten Track tour will allow you to discover lesser known underground areas of the Eternal City. We will unveil the history of Rome's Paleo-Christian phase, an extremely interesting period of time between the Empire's decline and the rise of a revolutionary religion and the Cult of Martyrs that rose in popularity. Our journey will take us to the most characteristic and picturesque area of the Eternal City - Trastevere!  

Beginning our discovery, we'll arrive to the Church of Santa Cecilia. Due to the extensive excavations made in the underground areas of the church, traditions say that the church was originally built upon Saint Cecilia's house, whereas the Baptistry was uncovered along with houses dating back to Ancient Rome times that were used a the foundations of the now existing church. While we are exploring the area within, we'll notice a very unique fresco that dates back to Medieval times and resembles the world famous "Last Judgement" that can be found within the Sistine Chapel. 

Still within the charming streets of Trastevere, we'll come across the Church of San Crisogono. The 4th century Titular church has much older stories to tell within its undergrounds, such as an almost intact alter from an earlier church dating back to the time of Constantine as well as even earlier houses of local Roman people with certain ruines leading people to believe there was also a public laundry room at the site due to the number of basins found while excavations were being made. 

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