Eyes of Rome
Eyes of Rome

Living Like a Roman

Life Experiences and Roman Houses from the Imperial Age to Modern Times


  • Archeology
  • Art
  • History

What makes this tour Special

  • Authentic Roman experience: the local's lifestyle, from ancient times up to this day, won't have secrets anymore. Now, this is how you get to know with a culture!
  • An unconventional tour, definitely off the beaten path, that many of the tourists miss during their stay. You'll have a bit of knowledge that not everyone has!
  • Pietro Canonica was a marvelous artist and his works are still considered among the most innovative for his time. Visiting his house and atelier will make you feel like a real sculptor!

What to Expect


Enjoy your tour with your own private tour expert at your party's disposal only


3 hours


10:00 - 14:00


Meet&Greet at your hotel/accomodation. Transfer to the tour site included


This tour is suitable for kids of all ages


Entrance tickets are included! Enjoy your tour!

What's Included
  • Blue badge certified tour private guide
  • Reservation fees
  • Meet & greet your private guide at your hotel or accommodation
  • Entrance Tickets to the Roman Houses
  • One Way Transfer from your hotel/accomodation to the tour site

Not Included/ Optional Extras
  • Drop Off back to your hotel/accomodation after the tour (available upon request)
  • Extras

Sites you’ll visit

  • Roman Houses on the Celio Hill
  • Museo Pietro Canonica
  • The Celio hill was a notable wealthy residential district during the Republican-era and Imperial Rome alike. The hill, one of 7 within Rome, is where the greatest soldier of Julius Caesar lived, and the site where the expensive material of Marble was first found within a house in the age of Rome. Lavish villas complete with murals and mosaics have since been found. It has even been said that the great Emperor Marcus Aurelius was born on the Caelian Hill in 121.
  • The Pietro Canonica Museum houses many works of art by this sculptor. It is also possible to visit his private home, full of precious furnishings. The building, dating back to XVII century, is known as Fortezzuola (small fortress), hosts the works by Pietro Canonica. These sculptures originally decorated the paths and the buildings of the Borghese Gallery gardens, and were restored between the XVI and XIX centuries.

Tour description

A 2000 years long journey through the Eternal City's lifestyle: a true local experience!

This is the best way to fully understand how the Romans lived their everyday life, from ancient times up to this day.

The tour starts with the visit of the Roman Houses on the Coelian Hill, an incredibly rich and interesting area; the buildings, brought to light in 1887, are located underneath a medieval basilica: originally an insula (the typical working class home), the house was transformed in a domus, an elegant upper class residence.

Then we'll move in the wonderful landscape of Villa Borghese, one of the greenest parks of Rome, where we're going deep into the life of an artist.

We'll visit the private apartments and atelier of Pietro Canonica, neoclassical sculptor and composer, where he lived and worked until his death, in 1959.

The building, now an unique museum, still houses the original furnitures and the tools used by the artist, who found in Rome his unexpected source of inspiration.

A 100% Roman experience!

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