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The Veiled Christ and Spaccanapoli Private Walking Tour

Discover Naples' Heart: Veiled Christ & Historic Spaccanapoli


  • Architecture
  • Art
  • History

What makes this tour Special

This private walking tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the heart of Naples, exploring both the iconic Veiled Christ sculpture and the bustling Spaccanapoli.

With skip-the-line access and a private guide, you'll bypass the crowds and receive personalized attention, unlocking deeper understanding and appreciation of Naples' rich artistic heritage.

This tour isn't just about seeing; it's about experiencing Naples with all your senses. Spaccanapoli offers a slice of Neapolitan life, with its lively streets, traditional shops, and local cuisine.

What to Expect


Enjoy your tour with your own private tour expert at your party's disposal only


2.5 hours






This tour is suitable for kids of all ages


Entrance tickets are included! Enjoy your tour!

What's Included
  • Blue badge certified private tour guide
  • Skip-the-line tickets to the Chapel of Sansevero
Not Included/ Optional Extras
  • Pick up and drop off from/to hotel

Sites you’ll visit

  • Spaccanapoli
  • Sansevero Chapel
  • Spaccanapoli is the vibrant heart of Naples, a narrow main street slicing the city's historic center in half. This lively quarter is steeped in history, bustling with ancient churches, historic buildings, artisan shops, and traditional eateries, embodying the chaotic charm and timeless beauty of Naples in a nutshell.
  • The Sansevero Chapel in Naples is renowned for its remarkable sculptures and intricate art, most famously the Veiled Christ. This historic site combines beauty, mystery, and legend, making it a captivating highlight of Neapolitan culture.

Tour description

Embark on an immersive 2.5-hour private walking tour that unveils the heart of Naples through its iconic Spaccanapoli district and the revered Sansevero Chapel, home to the exquisite Veiled Christ sculpture. This exclusive journey, led by a knowledgeable private guide, provides skip-the-line access, ensuring you delve into the art and stories without the wait.

Discover Spaccanapoli, the narrow street slicing through the city's center, encapsulating the vibrant essence of Neapolitan life. As you wander, your guide will reveal the rich tapestry of history, culture, and architecture that defines Naples, from ancient beginnings to its present-day charm.

The highlight awaits at the Sansevero Chapel, where the Veiled Christ sculpture, renowned for its remarkable marble craftsmanship and emotive beauty, captivates all who behold it. This masterpiece, along with other stunning works within the chapel, exemplifies the artistic and spiritual depth of Naples.

This tour not only offers a gateway to understanding Naples' historical layers but also provides a personal encounter with one of Italy's most profound artistic treasures, making it an unforgettable experience of beauty and enlightenment.

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