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Milan Morning Food Tour

A Private Culinary Tour from Pastry Pleasures to Aperitivo Delights


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What makes this tour Special

Dive into Milan's culinary heritage with a private morning tour, featuring an Italian breakfast, espresso tasting, and aperitivo with traditional "Mondeghili"

This exclusive experience ensures an intimate encounter with Milan's rich food culture, historic pastry shops, unique coffee sessions, and a gastronomic exploration of the city's iconic dishes

With a perfect blend of cultural immersion and gourmet delights, this tour stands out for its focus on authenticity and iconic locations where you can enjoy the true essence of Milan's food culture

What to Expect


Enjoy your tour with your own private tour expert at your party's disposal only


3 hours




This tour is suitable for kids of all ages

What's Included
  • Private licensed guide
  • Food tasting
Not Included/ Optional Extras
  • Gratuities
  • Transfers
  • Extra food and drinks

Tour description

Welcome to a delectable private food morning tour in Milan, where you'll embark on a culinary journey through the city's rich gastronomic heritage. Indulge your senses with the finest flavors and traditions that Milan has to offer.

Your morning begins with a true Italian breakfast, "Colazione all’Italiana," at the renowned Pasticceria Storica Milanese. Immerse yourself in the charm of this historic pastry shop, where you'll savor an array of freshly baked pastries, delicate croissants, and rich Italian coffee. This delightful start to your day sets the tone for the culinary delights that lie ahead.

Next, experience the art of sipping a perfect cup of "Espresso Italiano".

As mid-morning approaches, venture to a historic Milanese gastronomy spot for an exclusive Aperitivo. Indulge in a tasting of "Mondeghili," traditional Milanese meatballs, in a setting steeped in culinary history. Allow the expert hosts to guide you through the nuances of this classic dish while enjoying a selection of regional wines and aperitifs.

Conclude your culinary adventure with a delicious lunch featuring a typical Milanese recipe, served in a historic location.

Delight your palate with the authentic flavors of Milan as you savor a carefully crafted meal in an atmosphere that reflects the city's rich cultural and culinary heritage.

This private food morning tour promises an unforgettable experience for food enthusiasts, offering a blend of history, tradition, and gastronomic delights in the heart of Milan.

Useful information

Kindly notify us of any food intolerances or allergies within your group

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