Eyes of Rome
Eyes of Rome

Shore Excursion from Livorno: Lucca and Florence

A Journey through UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Etruscan History and the heart of Florence


  • Archeology
  • Art
  • History
  • Nature

What makes this tour Special

Discover the Northern Tuscany town of Lucca. Not as touristy as Pisa but equal in history and character. A highlight is the impressive city walls.

See the Tuscan countryside while being driven between the two stops. You'll see why the hills of this region are famous worldwide.

Florence is often considered the Renaissance capital of the world. The home to many masters of the 1500's with their master work still impeccably intact!

What to Expect


Enjoy your tour with your own private tour expert at your party's disposal only


12 hours




Meet&Greet at your hotel/accomodation. Private Driver included throughout the tour


This tour is suitable for kids of all ages


No entrance tickets are needed! Enjoy your tour!


You will be accompanied through this one day tour by your private driver guide. Private guide in Florence and/or Lucca available upon request.

What's Included
  • Meet & Greet your driver at La Spezia Port
  • Round Trip from La Spezia with Private English Speaking Driver

Not Included/ Optional Extras
  • Meals
  • Gratuities
  • Blue badge private guide in Florence and/or Lucca (available upon request)
  • Entrance tickets to any desired sites

Sites you’ll visit

  • Port of Livorno
  • Duomo of San Martino
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Church of Santa Croce
  • Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Accademia Gallery
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • The city of Livorno flourished under the Medici family, who turned it into a prosperous port. In the late 16th century Livorno was officially given the status of city and the architect Bernardo Buontalenti designed the city as an 'ideal town' with a population of 20,000 and a port that could hold 300 ships.
  • The Duomo of Lucca or Cathedral of San Martino is the main place of worship for the city of Lucca. Massive and suggestive, it is not located in the center of the city, but is immersed within the old city center. Inside are preserved the Volto Santo, or Holy Countenance, and the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto, one of the finest works of 15th century Italian sculpture.
  • A medieval stone bridge that is known around the world for its beautify and uniqueness Locals still work and operate on the unique bridge still to this day and is part of the mysterious "Corridoio Vasariano" - The Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) was the only bridge spared by Hitler's strict orders while retreating from his opposition during World War 2. Locals say his decision was to save its beauty, as many building were destroyed either end of the bridge to block the enemy passing.
  • Church of the Franciscans in Florence, one of the finest examples of Italian Gothic architecture. It was begun in 1294, possibly designed by Arnolfo di Cambio, and was finished in 1442, with the exception of the 19th-century Gothic Revival facade and campanile. On many of the interior walls are masterpieces of Tuscan Gothic or proto-Renaissance painting: the Bardi and Peruzzi chapels’ frescoes are by Giotto.
  • A square with a panoramic view of Florence, located in the Oltrarno district of the city. This Florentine piazza was designed by architect Giuseppe Poggi and built in 1869 on a hill just south of the historic center, during the redevelopment of the left bank of the Arno river. In 1869, Florence was the capital of Italy and the whole city was involved in an urban renewal.
  • Considered as one of the most important sculpture museums in the world, not just Florence. Located in close proximity of the Florence Fine Art Academy, hence its name and function as a drawing laboratory for artists of any time. It houses the highest number of sculptures by Michelangelo —seven works, including the world-famous David, along with priceless masterpieces and works of art spread over two floors, and thus presenting a photograph of early-Renaissance art and its heritage.
  • Home to a vast collection of priceless artwork, notably from the Italian Renaissance age. The Uffizi is one of the largest museums in the Western world. The gallery is littered with ex medici work as well as masterpieces from Caravaggio's Tiziano and Tintoretto to the stunning Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation and Adoration of the Magi. A true gem of the Western World and Italian heritage!

Tour description

We are thrilled to offer the opportunity for you to discover a hidden gem of Italy as well as one of the most beauty and prestigious cities in the world while enjoying your Mediterranean sea cruise vacation. If you want to fill your day with visiting the Renaissance capital of Italy along with discovering somewhere not usually seen by tourists, this is the perfect shore excursion for you.

Starting with our professional meet and greet service from Livorno port, you'll be on your way to your first stop. Lucca is a unesco world heritage site in itself, with its Etruscan walls protecting the city and ancient Roman streets, your driving guide will show you the highlights of the small town including the Duomo di San Martino and neighbouring bell tower. After discovering such a hidden gem of Italy, travel along scenic routes through the Tuscan countryside.

Once you arrive in Florence, you'll be shown the highlights of the city during a relaxed walking tour, having time to ask as many questions as you wish and allow your private guide to show you the locals routes through the city. Be introduced to Florence's highlights such as the Picturesque Ponte Vecchio that was the only bridge spared during the Nazi invasion of the city, the church of Santa Croce, the beautifully detailed Duomo and the Piazza of Michelangelo, which is the perfect place to see the sublime skyline of Florence. Before leaving the Renaissance capital of the world, you'll have a choice to explore some of Michelangelo's first works within the Accademia gallery, including the famous statue of David. Or adventuring through the nemours artworks within the Uffizi gallery that include masterpieces by Da Vinci and Caravaggio. Once you have explored your gallery of choice, the final leg of today's trip will be the return to the Port of Livorno.

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