Eyes of Rome
Eyes of Rome

Maria Linda

Born in: Naples

Nationality: Italian

My Studies: Art History

Languages I speak: Italian, English, French

My Tours are: Personally tailored to match your interests!

If I was a phrase I would be:

Fortune favors the bold.
Latin Proverb

I have three children and I love my family and my job. Originally from Naples, I have lived in Rome for the past 12 years, and have come to know and love Rome as my second home. However, my 'pizza heart' still belongs to Naples (the birthplace of pizza!) so don't ask me for suggestions for good pizza in Rome- I might send you to my hometown. My love for Rome and Italy still runs deep and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with my guests from around the globe. All joking aside, I can recommend a few great pizzerias in Rome too!

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Being a tourguide is an honor to be part of your wonderful Roman holiday. I take my job seriously and study hard so that you can have all your questions answered, and most importantly, enjoy your time on your tour with me of the Eternal City.

My favorite Italian Gestures
Knock on wood! / Tocca ferro!

MariaLinda gesto01An abbreviation of the full expression, "Toccare un ferro di cavallo", literally translating to 'touch an (iron) horseshoe', the expression 'toccare ferro' was originally used together with the gesture to keep away witches, and now is generally used to protect against bad luck. If something you don't want to happen comes up in conversation, it's best to say, 'tocca ferro' make the gesture (explained below), and seek to touch an iron object.

To make this gesture, place your thumb over your middle and ring fingers, and point with your index and pinky fingers towards the ground. There, you've done it! Now that you've made the gesture, don't forget to actually 'toccare ferro'!

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