Eyes of Rome
Eyes of Rome


Born in: Rome

Nationality: Italian

My Studies: Art History, Art Restoration

Languages I speak: Italian, English

My Tours are: Tailored to your needs! This is why we work with private groups: history, fun facts and no rushing!

If I was a phrase I would be:

I am still learning.
Michelangelo Buonarroti, age 87

Ciao! I'm Fabiana but everyone calls me Fabi! I was born and raised in Rome (a true Roman) and, yes, you guessed it, a real local tour guide! I grew up in a very typical (huge) Italian family where smiling and positivity are a way of life! From the time I was a toddler my grandfather passed his love for our eternal city on to me. Through him, I learned to appreciate Rome's never-ending art, architecture, delicious food, warmth of the Roman people, and the ever so funny Roman dialect. He also showed me how to lose myself in the many books on the history of the great city of Rome! This is why I've never stopped reading about Rome and living my city as only a proud Roman can do. And I am keeping the tradition alive with my two young girls!

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Being a tourguide is bellissimo! I have a degree in art history but also did extensive study of art restoration including working on mosaics and marble statues. But my real dream was always to become a tour guide, so that I could share my passion with anyone visiting or even moving to Rome! And so I did, and now I am one of the lucky ones where working is never a dull job but indeed, a great pleasure!

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