Eyes of Rome
Eyes of Rome


Born in: Rome

Nationality: Italian

My Studies: Art History, Archeology, History

Languages I speak: Italian, English

My Tours are: My tours are exciting, fascinating, captivating for my customers. All your questions will enrich our tour!

If I was a phrase I would be:

Rome is not a city like any other. It is a grand museum, a parlor to be crossed on tiptoe.
Alberto Sordi

Ciao! My name is Eleonora but everyone calls me Eli.

I was born and raised in Rome in an original roman family. My parents definitely inspired me: my father is a "Roman history addicted" while my mother is a paintress and an art lover: My destiny was definitely to became an Art Historian and a tour guide!

What led me to become a tour guide is my passion for art, history, and travel: At University I studied History including the History of Art and Archaeology, and my favorite eras are Renaissance and Baroque: Michelangelo and Bernini are my best friends!

Being a tour guide gives me the chance to meet different people from all over the world and my tours are enriched thanks to my clients!

To me, being a tour guide means not only “to guide someone” but to also provide an experience!

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