Eyes of Rome
Eyes of Rome


Born in: Rome

Nationality: Italian

My Studies: Art History

Languages I speak: Italian, English

My Tours are: Just for you!!

If I was a phrase I would be:

Find the beauty anywhere!

I’m Alessia, a tour guide and I love my job.

I degree in art history and I’m focus in the years between the 15th and the 18th centuries...but of

course...eleven years ago I became a tour guide...so today I’m a little bit expert in more centuries!!

I love everything about my city and in particular I love share beaty, legends, annedocts and more with you.

My tours are tailored about you, about your expectations, tastes, mood, etc.etc.

But...I advise you: I talk a lot!!


Being a tour guide is an amazing opportunity to spend time with people from different countries,

people that like me considered the beauty not only a surface...but something like

a mood, like part of our society.

Is also important for me show that behind every single work of art,

behind staffs did in the past there are parts of the our contemporary society.




My favorite Italian Gestures
Thumbs up!


You know this gesture, I’m sure...is easy to understand ...mean: it’s ok It’s fine for me...like the idea that I have about the life and the time with you.

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