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Rome in the Movies

Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons
Elisa Taddei / Storyteller

Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons

‘Rome does not need to make culture. It is culture’ –Federico Fellini

Rome in the Movies

Rome is a world-famous capital of cinema and many famous movies were shot or set in the Eternal City. Rome’s monuments, squares and churches have been transformed into wonderful film sets by the greatest directors in the world!

Many movies, even those that were not physically shot in the Eternal City, tell the story of Rome and its protagonists- from Julius Caesar to Maximus the gladiator. Visitors often already know Rome through the movies.

Watch these masterpieces before you visit and admire Rome from a new point of view- a cinematographic one! Every place will remind you of a story you’ve seen and your visit will be transformed into a magical adventure.



Some of the most popular films include: 

La Dolce Vita


Roman Holiday


Angels and Demons


To Rome with Love




When in Rome


Eat Pray Love


Bicycle Thieves


Rome, Open City

Now you can relive your favorite Roman movies with Eyes of Rome. Try our Rome in the Movies and Path of the Illuminati tours on your next visit!


About the Author

Elisa Taddei was born and raised in the Eternal City- an authentic Roman from Rome. Her education and career includes Cultural Anthropology, Tourism and Art History

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