Eyes of Rome

Angels & Demons - Dan Brown's Novel

A Mysterious Adventure along the Path of the Illuminati: Discover the Sites described in the Bestseller


  • Art
  • History
  • Religion

What makes this tour Special

Follow in the footsteps of the great minds that affected the political, cultural, religious and scientific prosperity of their times

Experience a centuries-old trail of ancient symbols in a thrilling thematic itinerary inspired by literature, legends and humanistic knowledge

See Rome under a new perspective while visiting some of its most beautiful and world-know venues

What to Expect


Enjoy your tour with your own private tour expert at your party's disposal only


3.5 hours


09:00 - 14:00


Meet&Greet at your hotel/accomodation. Transfer to the tour site included




This tour is suitable for kids of all ages


Entrance tickets are not needed! Enjoy your tour!

What's Included
  • Blue badge certified private tour guide
  • Reservation fees
  • Meet & greet your private guide at your hotel or accommodation
  • One Way transfer to the site
Not Included/ Optional Extras
  • Additional transfers between tour sites if no walking is desired
  • Private driver (available upon request)
  • Drop off at your accommodation
  • Extras

Sites you’ll visit

  • Santa Maria del Popolo
  • Santa Maria della Vittoria
  • Piazza Navona
  • Pantheon
  • Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge
  • St. Peter's Square
  • The church that houses great works by almost all the big names. Within this church you will find Raphael's Chigi Chapel, of which is embellished with statues by Bernini, the master of the Baroque Age. Along with Caravaggio’s masterpieces, you are in for a real treat. That is all without forgetting that Santa Maria del Popolo church is also home to Roman Emperor Nero and his tomb!
  • Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the church is mostly known for holding the masterpiece of the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa within its Chapel. The statue was crafted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini between the years 1647–1652 and created controversy due to the expressions depicted within the perfectly worked face within the marble sculpture.
  • Piazza Navona is littered with Baroque masterpieces, including those of the world famous "Bernini" The area was originally used as an Athletics stadium in the year of 80 AD under Emperor Titus, which later turned into the city's market in the 1500's. The square has kept its original shape and the surrounding buildings were erected upon the ancient crowd stand foundations.
  • The Pantheon, a former Roman temple, is located within central Rome, within walking distance to other well known sites as Navona Square and the Trevi Fountain. Now a functional church, it is the burial place for many Resniense masters such as Raphael as well as 2 kings of Italy. The monument is very unique with a circular, Oculus roof allowing sunlight and even rain into the beautiful church. The original building was constructed almost 2000 years ago and Michelangelo was noted as saying that the design is of Angels and cannot be of human concept.
  • St. Angel Bridge is one of the most ancient ones of Rome. It is true that it was partly restored and embellished over the centuries, but originally it was commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the II century AD. What makes this bridge so unique dates back to mid of the XVII century, when Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the master of Baroque art, embellished it with the statues of 10. Today Baroque and Ancient Roman relive together in this iconic landmark of the Eternal city.
  • Completely designed by the master of the Baroque Era Gian Lorenzo Bernini, this worldwide famous square is one of the most iconic places in the word! This is the place where the Popes offer their audiences and blessings, and where the Christians use to wait and see the “white smoke” coming out from the roof of the Sistine Chapel, when a new Pope is elected. 140 statues of Popes, Angels and Saints look down on us from the balaustrades of the colonnades and extend their embrace to the city and all mankind right in the heart of the sacred side of Rome.

Tour description

Retrace the footsteps of the great Raphael, Bernini and Galileo that were supposedly part of the Circle of the Illuminati. Along the way, you will have the chance to visit some of the most beautiful sites and churches in Rome.

Start this adventure at Santa Maria del Popolo square where you will visit the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo and the mysterious Chigi’s Chapel. Reach the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vittorie and admire the Ecstasy of St.Teresa, a sculpture that is regarded as one of the major Baroque masterpieces by Bernini.

Your journey continues along the Path of the Illuminati: Visit the Pantheon, the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Navona Square, and admire Castel Sant’Angelo; where your private tour guide will reveal the secret stories and tales behind these places full of mysteries.

End your experience in St. Peter’s Square, a place that hides mysterious alchemical symbols.

Useful information

Appropriate clothing is highly recommended. Please be aware that the access to holy sites requires a strict dress code. The church of S.Maria del Popolo is part of the itinerary. Shoulders and knees have to be properly covered.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that Eyes of Rome® applies the following cancellation policy for the selected product:

  • Eyes of Rome operates on a Full Refund Policy of the amount paid during the booking for cancellations made with 72-hours minimum notice
  • For cancellations/amendments requested from 72 to 24 hours from the tour starting time, Eyes of Rome reserves the right to charge or hold from the downpayment € 40 per person
  • For no shows on the day of the tour or cancellations/amendments requested less than 24 hours from the tour starting time, Eyes of Rome reserves the right to hold the amount paid during check out and charge any remaining balance for incomplete payments

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