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Private Memories of World War II Tour - Transfer included

A Walk through Fascism, Nazism and the Liberation in Rome

Category: Thematic Tours
Off the beaten path

Price from: $46

Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

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We are indeed tour guides but first we are travelers. We understand there might be last minute unforeseen circumstances that might cause a change of plans. When we sat down to write our cancellation policy we decided to think to what Cancellation Policy we would like to have for ourselves for our trips.

You will start your tour at Piazza Venezia, where Mussolini’s speeches took place from the balcony of Palazzo Venezia during the fascist era (1922-1943). In the same square, the Victor Emmanuel Monument (also nicknamed the Wedding Cake) was called “the Piano” during those decades, as the Fascist soldiers, with their black uniforms, used to stand on the white marble steps for military parades, making it look similar to a piano keyboard from a certain distance.

In a few minutes walking distance, you will reach the boundaries of the old Jewish Ghetto, established in 1555, which, on October 16th, 1943, became the theatre of one of the worst days in history, when more than a thousand people were deported to Auschwitz concentration camp. Only 16 of them returned to Rome at the end of the war.

Next, you will take a taxi together with your guide, for a quick stop at Via Rasella, where on March 23rd, 1944, Italian Partisans made an ambush to a column of Nazi SS troops, killing 28 policemen. The following day, Nazi forces retaliated by killing 335 Italians at the Ardeatine caves (a possible extension to this tour).

Finally, you will continue your taxi ride to reach Via Tasso 145. This was the headquarter of the Nazi Security Police during the 9 months of Nazi occupation in Rome, now home to the Museum of the Liberation of Rome.

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  • Approximately 3 hours
  • Kid-friendly tour
  • Partial access for wheelchairs
  • Private Tour Only
  • Suggested starting time
  • Always recommended
  • Included 
    Blue Badge Qualified Guide Admission Tickets | Meet&Greet your Guide at your Hotel/Accommodation | Transportation to the site (only available for centrally located accommodations) | Private Tour
  • Not Included 
    Return Transportation (available upon request) Private Driver throughout the tour (can be arranged upon request) 
Standard itinerary
Piazza Venezia
Jewish Ghetto
Via Rasella
Liberation of Rome Museum
Enhance your Experience

Ardeatine Caves

US$70** Taxi transfer needed - cost not included.

Add this extention to your Memories of World War II Tour. The Ardeatine Caves are a Memorial Site to commemorate the massacre of 335 people (Roman citizens, Jews and political prisoners) ordered by Hitler after the bomb explosion a day before in Via Rasella, which caused the death of 28 Nazi SS.


Villa Torlonia

US$140** Taxi transfer needed - cost not included. Please note: Admission tickets are not included and will be purchased on site.

Villa Torlonia served as the private residence of Benito Mussolini and his family and it was used for both political meetings as well as a recreational center, to practice sports such as tennis and riding. It also hosts an air-raid bunker located in the basement of the villa which was built to protect guests from raids.


Rome War Cemetery

US$70** Taxi transportation needed, cost not included.

The cemetery contains the graves of 426 Commonwealth soldiers who died in WWII. Near the Cemetery, at Saint Paul’s Gate, you will see a number of memorial plaques to the 597 people who gave up their lives here defending Rome, on September 10th 1943.


Extra Hour


Give yourself the freedom to take it easy- add an extra hour to your tour. With a private guide, you set the pace! If you prefer to spend some extra time to learn more, see more, take more photos, or if you have a large group, adding an extra hour ensures a leisurely tour without rushing to fit everything you want to see into the normal 3 hours.




Our Dolce Vita service upgrade is all about great service and peace of mind, with your relaxation and comfort at heart. Choose this option and take your tours to the next level of comfort and care giving you access to your own dedicated travel agent, your private guide’s personal assistance, drop off at your accommodation, and a more forgiving cancellation and booking amendment policy. More details are available at: https://support.eyesofrome.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005953229-Eyes-of-Rome-s-DOLCE-VITA-Service-Upgrade


Create your own Tour - Make it a Full Day


Book your tour and create your personal walking experience by making it a full day, adding 3 extra hours! You can tell us in advance your favorite sites to visit or your personal guide will make suggestions based on your interests and energy level - you set the pace and see what you want to see. Please make a note on your booking if you have specific requests so we can ensure that reservations are made when needed. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Famous Piazzas & Fountains


Don't miss Bernini’s Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini or Rome’s twin church domes in Piazza del Popolo. You can opt to go up the Pincio hill for one of the best views in the city. Or maybe you want to see the famed Piazza Navona? You will get plenty of ideas of where to eat and shop as you walk through these famous neighborhoods with your expert guide. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.




Request a Kid-friendly Tour Guide at no extra cost.


Religious Perspective


Request for a Tour Guide with strong religious background at no extra cost. Your experience will enrich in spirituality.




Lose yourself in Trastevere’s charming streets and lively piazzas. You’ll immediately see why this unique neighborhood is a favorite for visitors and locals alike. You'll find many bars and restaurants nestled in the curving alleys - a great place to end your day of tours and have a bite to eat! An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.


Vittoriano - Vittorio Emanuele II monument


See the magnificent Vittorio Emanuele II Monument overlooking Piazza Venezia and then climb to the top for a bird’s-eye view of the Forum.

These optional extras can be selected during check-out.
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  • Avatar
    Colin Greenberg

    Hi, I've already been to Rome twice, I will come again in May for a Convention. I'm looking for a special tour, I'm interested in your "off-the-beaten paths" ones and also your A Dive into Roman History. The tour will be for 4 or 5 people, we're all colleagues. What would you recommend? We would like a tour focused on ancient history but at the same time your In the footsteps of Julius Caesar tour looks very interesting...



  • Hi Colin! This is Elisa writing!

    Thank you so much for your interesting question... I believe that both tours are fantastic! They are exactly the experience you are missing if you have already visited the classic itineraries :) ... the Capitoline Museums are wonderful and most of the works of Art that make up the collections come from the city of Rome. The tour In the footsteps of Julius Caesar instead is certainly more itinerant and told; it follows a story to which our storytellers will make you passionate! We could arrange for you a customized itinerary, a mix of Julius Caesar and Capitoline Museums! Please send us your request at info@eyesofrome.com! Our Tour Designers will be pleased to arrange your tour based on your interests! 

    A presto!

    Elisa T.



  • Avatar
    Michael Andrews

    Dear Eyes of Rome, 

    My grandfather took part in the Allied's arrival in Sicily in 1943 and he and I came back to Italy when I was younger to visit the places he has been and Rome. Now I'd like my children (age 10 and 13) to learn about our family past and possibly get an idea of what WW2 have been. I can share memories but I am not properly learned about dates and facts, I am looking for a guided tour that can also be enjoyable for kids - when possible. Can you help?



  • Dear Michael, 

    What an impressive experience must it have been to visit Italy with your honorable grandfather! I can hardly imagine his emotions in seeing the places of such a hard past again. Old generations have shared their precious knowledge of things we only know by books, and I am sure your kids will have a great value of their days in Rome by combining the information provided by our expert guides and their attentive father.

    I am happy to let you know that we have just released a new product online: it is called "Memories of World War II" and it is listed among our Thematic Tours on this website. The tour includes key sites in Rome related with war events: the (in)famous balcony from which Benito Mussolini announced Italy's participation in the conflict in 1940, as well as areas involved with the city occupation by the Nazis. Following the liberation, many places formerly controlled and ruled by the German Police were discovered and investigated: among them the impressive prison of Via Tasso, now housing the Museums of the Liberation of Rome. The prison, sadly known by the Romans as a place from where only a few returned, was created by walling up the windows of a 'regular' building where the German Security Police stationed during the Nazi occupation that took place in Rome from September 1943 to June 1944.

    Event though, understandably, these kind of topics may seem inappropriate for kids, our team of expert guides are trained to dedicate this contents to young listeners and you can be sure  they'll tailor your tour according to your needs. I would rather be honored and interested in listening to the priceless heritage your grandfather has shared with you and your family! Images of the Allied tanks entering Rome on June 4th 1944 are before our eyes as the symbol of unbridled joy and hope for a new country that couldn't wait to reborn after the war.



  • Avatar
    Michael Andrews

    Thank you for the detailed description and your kind words, Francesca Tosca. I have reviewed the tour details online and it seems exactly what I was looking for, I'll book the tour as soon as we have all of our plans and destinations ready for the trip to Italy. I will be happy to talk to you again and share my grandfather memories: this makes me proud of him, although I miss him now. Looking forward to it! Best, Michael. 



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