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In the Footsteps of Caravaggio - Transfer Included

The Most Controversial Painter of the 17th Century

Category: Thematic Tours
Off the beaten path

Price from: $34

Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

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Accompanied by your expert, entertaining guide you will discover all the places where Caravaggio’s masterpieces are kept. Marvel at stunning paintings, discover beautiful churches, and learn the most interesting stories and anecdotes about Caravaggio’s troubled life.

While most other Italian artists of his time followed the conventions of late mannerist painting, Caravaggio painted the stories of the Bible as visceral and often bloody dramas. He staged the events of a distant sacred past as if they were taking place in the present day, often working from live models whom he depicted in starkly modern dress. He accentuated the poverty and common humanity of Christ and his followers, the Apostles, Saints and Martyrs, by emphasizing their ragged clothing and dirty feet. He also developed a highly original form of chiaroscuro, using extreme contrasts of light and dark to emphasize details of gesture or facial expression. 

And emotional and intense journey in Man's soul and spirit, this tour will unveil all the impact of art in life and of life in art. Start your tour with a visit of the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, where you can admire two Caravaggio’s works: The Conversion of St. Paul on the Way to Damascus and the Crucifixion of St. Peter.

Head to your next destination, the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, located between the Pantheon and Navona Square: admire paintings representing stories from the life of St. Matthew, housed inside the famous Contarelli Chapel. End your experience in the Church of St. Augustine, one of the most important from the Italian Renaissance, which houses the beautiful Madonna of Loreto.

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  • Approximately 3 hours
  • Kid-friendly tour
  • Partial access for wheelchairs
  • Private Tour Only
  • Suggested starting time
    9:30AM or 2:30PM
  • Not available on Sundays or Thursday afternoons.
  • Included 
    Blue Badge Qualified Guide | Meet&Greet your Guide at your Hotel/Accommodation | Transportation to the site (only available for centrally located accommodations) | Private Tour
  • Not Included 
    Return Transportation (available upon request) Private Driver throughout the tour (can be arranged upon request) 
Standard itinerary
Chiesa di Santa Maria del Popolo
Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi
Chiesa di Sant'Agostino
Enhance your Experience

Extra Hour


Give yourself the freedom to take it easy- add an extra hour to your tour. With a private guide, you set the pace! If you prefer to spend some extra time to learn more, see more, take more photos, or if you have a large group, adding an extra hour ensures a leisurely tour without rushing to fit everything you want to see into the normal 3 hours.


Create your own Tour - Make it a Full Day


Book your tour and create your personal walking experience by making it a full day, adding 3 extra hours! You can tell us in advance your favorite sites to visit or your personal guide will make suggestions based on your interests and energy level - you set the pace and see what you want to see. Please make a note on your booking if you have specific requests so we can ensure that reservations are made when needed. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.



US$140** Please note: Entrance to the site is optional - Admission tickets will be charged separately.

No time to do a full Colosseum tour? Make it quick! Marvel at this epic engineering feat of the ancient Romans, one of the most amazing attractions of the Ancient World, and a highlight of any trip to Rome. Your guide will bring to life the stories of this iconic monument, its famed gladiators and the emperors who made it all happen. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.




Request a Kid-friendly Tour Guide at no extra cost.


Handicraft Workshop - Be an Artist for a Day

US$120** Please note: Experience is intended for up to 6 people. For bigger groups please send us an email.

In the picturesque atmosphere of Via dei Coronari, street of the antiques, you will take part in the workshop of an Italian artist. This activity is fun for the whole family!. You will learn how to make a fresco or a mosaic. Choose a subject, prepare the surface with the plaster, the drawing, and you will use your brush to give life to the images; or make your own mosaic with a natural glue (water and flour) and fasten the marble or the glass pieces (tesserae) on a wooden support, creating your small masterpiece. Take home your creation to make your Roman holidays even more memorable!


Smile and Tour


Request for a funny and entertaining Tour Guide. Your laughs come at no extra cost.



US$140** Please note: Admission tickets are not included and will be purchased on site.

The quiet tunnels will come to life as your guide tells you the stories and legends of early Christianity during the days of Roman persecution. The catacombs were the underground burial places of the early Christian and Jewish communities. You will discover the secrets of Christianity's earliest proponents who helped Christianity survive during the persecution from Rome's pagan emperors. An extra fee will apply if transportation is requested.




The Pantheon, this 2nd century tribute to All Gods and famed engineering marvel, has intrigued for ages - let your personal guide bring you back to the days of the emperors and gods when you visit this one-of-a-kind monument.

These optional extras can be selected during check-out.
 — Our Recommend Tour Extensions
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  • Avatar
    Iannis Foios

    I will be in Rome for a day only and I love Caravaggio, I want to make the most of it. I’d love to do your ’In the footsteps of Caravaggio’ tour and i was wondering whether it is possible to add on the borghese gallery, since it has pieces by Caravaggio. Too much in a day?




  • Avatar
    Customer Support Team

    Hi Iannis,

    absolutely not! Just consider that both tours last for about 3 hours each. Thus, we suggest taking 1 tour in the morning, have a nice lunch break and then continue with your second tour. It is totally up to you, whether you’d like to have your guide with you during lunch or if you prefer having some time on your own. Your guide will be able to suggest restaurants for lunch based on your personal preferences. For any further information regarding both of the tour and if you'd like to book them, please send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com.

    we hope we answered to your question. We look forward to hear from you soon!

    With best regards,

    Support Team Eyes of Rome



  • Avatar
    Mary Letough

    Your In the Footsteps of Caravaggio tour sounds lovely. I am an art teacher and I would love this tour. I am just worried about the walk. How far apart are the three churches we will be visiting? Would you suggest the Borghese Gallery instead?



  • Avatar
    Customer Support Team

    Hi Mary, thank you for your comment, you made a good point here. 

    The three churches you will be visiting on this tour are not too far apart, it will be in total about 3 km of walk. The walk is nice and pleasant, and you will walk along the major shopping street of Rome.

    The borghese gallery certainly has some of the best work of Caravaggio, but it is a different tour. You will be inside the museum instead of walking in the streets of Rome and visiting the churches with Caravaggio pieces. 

    If the walk is still worrying you, we can perhaps arrange for you a ‘In the Footsteps of Caravaggio’ on a golf cart. Please send us an email at  info@eyesofrome.com and we can discuss about prices and availabilities and design the best tour for you.

    We wish you good day ahead, and we look forward to hear from you soon.

    Eyes of Rome Support Team




  • Avatar
    Susan Ride

    Hello, I’m interested in your Caravaggio tour. Do we need to buy tickets when we visit churches?




  • Avatar
    Customer Support Team

    Dear Ms Ride, Thank you for the question. You don’t pay to enter any church in Rome, even if it houses famous masterpieces by popular artists (which many of them do!). Even St. Peter's Basilica, the most famous church in the world, is free to enter. We are at your disposal.

    Eyes of Rome team



  • Avatar
    Laura Sandersson

    Hi guys this will be my third time in Rome, I am traveling from Sweden. I am mostly interested in Baroque Rome and it is my understanding that you are able to combine more than one tour in a day and focus on specific interests. I was thinking to mix the Footsteps of Caravaggio Tour with the Bernini themed walking tour, would it be possible to create a combined walking tour like this? How long would it be and is it doable on Sundays? I'll travel in May and I still have to plan the whole holiday schedule, so I wanted to ask for your advice first. 



  • Ciao Laura, it would be lovely to arrange such a customized tour: in more than 2000 years Rome has been the set for the most important art movements ever existed and Baroque is possibly the most spectacular!

    Actually, if you are such a a Baroque-lover, you’d not want to miss Francesco Borromini and his architectural genius, too. BorrominiBernini and Caravaggio were three of the brightest stars of the Baroque ever happened in our World. The three of them were living in the same city at the same time and gave birth to the highest Baroque blooming in painting and sculpture.

    On your customized tour you’ll wander the beautiful squares of Rome, as well as Castel Sant’Angelo and its iconic bridge. The visit can continue with a stop in the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, which houses beautiful works of art by Caravaggio, and end in one of the most beautiful squares in Rome: Piazza Navona with the splendid Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi by Bernini, right aside the imposing Church of Sant’Agnese by Borromini (just to mention a few).

    We suggest to allow this tour at least 5 or 6 hours, so it’s recommended to start in the morning. Such a tour does not require entrance tickets (you will be visiting mostly churches and squares), so it can be easily schedule any day. However, given that churches generally host celebrations on Sunday mornings, we’d suggest to go for the weekdays or Saturdays. Feel free to contact our help center at info@eyesofrome.com as soon as you have your calendar set and we’ll be happy to assist with your booking.




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In order to provide the highest level of service with our top guides and guaranteed tour schedules, amendments or changes require 24-hours’ minimum notice, and are subject to ticket availability for the new date.

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It always applies to:
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The following tours are offered with our All Sales Final Policy only:

Vatican Special:

Vatican First-Class: Secluded Gardens & Sistine Chapel
Exclusive Vatican Museums After Hours VIP Experience
Vatican Art & Breakfast
Must Do:

Borghese Gallery
Colosseum Special

Colosseum Special: Undergrounds & Arena
Eyes of Rome Premiere:

Villa Medici
Just Outside Rome:

Gandolfo Golf Cart Tour
Etruscan Highlights Of Tarquinia With Private Driver Service

Create Your Own Tour
Discovering Florence:

Best of Florence Tour
Our All Sales Final Policy also applies to the following Tour Extensions:

Gelato Class
Handicraft Workshop - Be an Artist for a Day
Jewish Secrets and Hebrew Lapidary

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Eyes of Rome® All Sales Final Policy does not allow amendments.

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Info about your In the Footsteps of Caravaggio Tour:

  • Private Tour: This is a private tour – your party only.
  • Tour Time: Approximately 3 hours. Adding optional sites will extend your tour time.
  • Tour Start Time: You can select your favorite starting time. We recommend 09:30AM or 2:30PM.
  • Tickets: Admission tickets are not needed.
  • Children Tour for Free: Children aged 17 and under tour free with paying parents. 
  • Dress Code: Modest attire is required to enter churches.
  • Design Your Own Experience: Sites visited are based on the pace of our average client. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can opt to see fewer sites. With a private guide, your tour is catered to your interests and activity level.
  • Mobility Impaired: Our tours involve a fair amount of walking. Please contact us if you are interested in modifying any of the tours for those who have trouble walking.
  • Guide Requests: Eyes of Rome will make every effort to schedule the guide you have requested, however, sometimes it is not possible due to schedule conflicts or time off. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
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