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  • Born in:
  • Nationality:
    Italian (with Greek heritage)
  • My Studies:
    Art History, Archaeology, Language and Communication
  • Languages I speak:
    Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • My Tours are:

    Fun! My passion for the history, architecture, food & wine of Rome and Italy, combined with my sarcastic humor will ensure you have an unforgettable, entertaining, and informative time on your tour with me.

If I was a phrase I would be:
"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans."
John Lennon
For your Italian holiday I recommend you read:

Rome: The Biography of a City
Christopher Hibbert

The Borgias
HBO (TV Series)

I recommend you try:
About me:

Hi everybody! My name is Francesco Grasso, and I am the guide in Rome for you if you want a "fun tour". I studied languages and communication at University, then moved on to learn all about the Art History and Archaeology of Rome to finally get my license as an official Roman tour-guide.
I am very passionate about the food and wine scene of Italy, its culture and the interesting and fun facts behind its history. I believe that the main thing behind history is not just learning names and dates, but understanding the causes and facts that shaped and produced the world we live in- the reasons behind the fall of the Roman Empire and the causes that made Christianity the Religion of Italy today. To describe my passions I can say that: I love good living, positive energy, great food and wine, learning new things, traveling and everything that revolves around the ocean. I am also a very passionate surfer and I spend a lot of my life surfing the perfect waves of Indonesia, calling Bali my second home.

Being a tourguide is...

...a great responsibility. Why? Because it might be your dream or the chance of a lifetime to come to Rome, so I have the opportunity (and the duty) of making it special.

Also, during those few hours we do spend together in the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel or the Catacombs I get to be the ambassador of my city. Therefore I consider my job as a small ambassador affair, taking it very seriously but with plenty of fun and lots of smiles!

My favorite Italian Gestures

Watch it! / Occhio!


It literally means "Eye", but it involves "having an eye for something” and “being able to understand something” especially a good situation from a bad one. It could mean “be careful” about something but also means “keep one eye out for something” in order to be able to find the best among many.

It can also mean to be smart or careful about something- as you can see, “Occhio!” has multiple meanings. It is usually done by pronouncing the Italian word "occhio" [ok:jo] while touching your index finger to your cheek, right below your eye and making an pantomimic expression so to emphasize the meaning you would like to give to your "occhio" (a fun one, a worried one, a wise one). To tell you the truth I just really like the way it looks ;)

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Metal Detectors & Storage Units

At the Vatican, the Security Check is nothing like traveling to the US or UK! Shoes, belts, glasses, even most jewelery can remain ON! Generally, I put everything in my pockets in my bag (wallet, keys, phone, camera) and slide that through the X-Ray machine. Then you walk through the metal detector, and that's it! A pretty quick and painless...